Across the cannabis supply chain, procurement managers are required to both seek out supplies and then purchase them. Due to fragmentation across the organization, and lack of federal regulation, most operators assume these actions must be mutually exclusive. However, by investing in an integrated purchasing platform, like MainStem, organizations can reduce time spent searching for materials, increase the bottom-line on overall COGS spend, and streamline their entire ordering process.

But exactly what is an integrated purchasing platform?

When it comes to searching for products, operators are typically required to “source.” The act of sourcing is where procurement teams spend most…

We all know that 2020 was a year full of unique challenges, however, because of the spike in popular opinion and operators’ commitment to the industry, we witnessed incredible maturity and rapid growth with cannabis being seen as essential across the nation. In some states even being deemed lifesaving.

It was no different for us here at MainStem. Since 2015, our company’s Marketplace has helped over 1300 operators purchase their materials across the entire cannabis supply chain. In 2020, MainStem focused its energy on producing software products that were customer-focused to enable and control product distribution. …

Even though cannabis attitudes, consumption techniques, and legislation have significantly evolved over the past decade, one thing still hasn’t changed: fragmentation and the lack of technology standardization. As more states take steps towards legalization, operators are now more than ever expected to grow premium-flower, manufacture high-quality products, and build out Apple-style dispensaries. All while carefully crafting a unique, tailored experience for consumers, who for many, will be shopping for the very first time. …

On his way out the door, former President Donald J. Trump pardoned or granted clemency to 32 non-violent drug offenders. Before that, Barack Obama pardoned or granted clemency to a record high of over 1000 inmates, with over a third of them serving life sentences. However, based on the numbers, this just isn’t enough. The Last Prisoner Project estimates that over 40,000 people have been convicted and are currently behind bars for non-violent drug offenses. Since failing to act on common-sense drug policies after stalling in 2014, Congress has spent over $47 billion annually on the war on drugs, targeting…

In a year of a raging pandemic and social unrest, there was one thing that seemed to bring the country together in full bipartisan support: cannabis. From deep red states like South Dakota to more liberal metropolises like New Jersey, referendums were held nationwide with people overwhelmingly supporting the end of prohibition and, in larger part, taking an axe to the failed war on drugs.

This trend isn’t new. It has been building momentum since the 2012 election cycle with the help of operators breaking federal law, trade associations fighting for cannabis legislation, and national social campaigns like the Wounded…


People are gradually realizing the health benefits and therapeutic properties of CBD. Many of them are curious to know which ingestion method will be suitable for them. CBD is consumed via various sources and ways, such as capsules, oils, as edibles, and tinctures.

There are some companies who apply a similar term to all CBD products. However, the method of ingestion varies greatly based on the function of the product. Every process has its pros and cons. Many people wonder is CBD tincture the same as CBD oil.

In this article, we’ll give an overview of two infamous products —…

A harvest is the culmination of all the hard work that you, as a grower, have put into caring for your plants. However, harvesting a cannabis crop can be hard, monotonous work. Therefore, you must approach it with the right tools and a bit of planning.

Below we have gathered the tools you’ll need for a complete harvest session. Regardless of whether you are growing the cannabis plants outdoors or inside in greenhouses, our tips will work in each case.

You’ll need:


Do NOT attempt harvesting your cannabis crop with cheap, low-quality Bud Trimming Scissors! If you are growing the…

Given that this industry is well on its way, many aspirants have been trying to become a part of it. If you’ve been thinking yourself, how do I get into the cannabis industry? The answer is right here in this article!

Due to fierce competition, your objective should be to stand out. You’ll find that your entrance into the cannabis industry will be much smoother with the qualities we mention below. After all, whether you intend to begin as a budtender, grower, or trimmer, there will typically be a mountain of applicants. …

Indoor Cannabis Grow in Seattle, WA
Indoor Cannabis Grow in Seattle, WA

Are you deciding what schedule you should be following regarding the growing and harvesting of your cannabis crop? First, here are some important things that you should consider:

The Cannabis’ Growing Season Will Change with Where you are in the World

When does flowering start outdoors? The time of harvest is in September or October if you are growing cannabis in the Northern Hemisphere. However, the seasons will be reversed for those located in the Southern Hemisphere. As an American grower, you may look forward to planting seeds in March. On the other hand, your Australian counterparts will be getting ready to harvest their crop at that time! …

Vendor Audits in Pharmaceuticals are a common occurrence that are usually conducted either because of a requirement of their quality management system (QMS) or, an unexpected issue occurs, making the audit a necessity.

Suppliers who understand Why Supplier Audits are Important will ensure compliance. It is why they are typically audited only on an annual basis. However, others who don’t keep their quality metrics up to the mark face an audit more frequently.

Here are a couple of measures you can take to improve the supplier audits you conduct in the future:

Reviewing of Expectations Before It Begins

You will reap maximum benefits of a supplier…


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